Modern Carpet Tibet Collection: Blooming of Golden flowers to Get Worm Your Living Room

DATE: 29 agosto, 2017

Modern and contemporary carpets from Morandi Carpets are hand-knotted ad come from Middle and Far East.

This artefacts take inspiration from  oriental carpet and are their evolution. In fect they produce new ideas but with traditional technique.

Morandi Carpets modern collections are made of artworks by Italian and international designer, artists and masters from India and Pakistan. Among the contemporaneous artists of carpet, there is one anonymous Indian master, whose identity is mysterious. He put all his creativity in the Tibet collection’s Carpets, rug with a complex soul and a strait behavior.

tibet modern carpet


Characteristics of Tibet Carpets

Tibet Carpets are made after a selection of the best drawings and wools mixed with silk and hemp. Carpets from Tibet collection are hand-made with good materials, such as soft wool of yaks, silk and hemp. Knotting is fine and worked with Tibetan knot: 150 Knots per inch. Or the traditional Persian knot:  3500 knots per dmq.

Colors of Tibet carpets are intense and the  contemporary drawings unique. In the two carpets here, the red è mixed with golden motifs and hued with others dyes, give a filling of worm e intensity, as the Indian soul.

The carpets appear super bright and spacious.

The chose of that imaginative and innovative motifs give to this carpets a strait and interesting temperament that, if at first look difficult, can be appreciate in rooms with different styles. Carpets from Tibet Collection furnish with contemporary taste the areas, even those with minimalistic style in which all the beauty of the carpets is emphasized.

modern tibet carpet

The carpets of Tibet collection are appreciates by more and more people given their elegance and their ability to decorate the most refined areas.


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