How Choose the Right Carpet for your Chicken

DATE: 12 novembre, 2017

The carpet is an artisan product, which should be knotted without the help of the machines, which is usually used to complement the interior and exterior environments. The quality carpet is like a sacred space, and is not just furniture item but a living space.

As usual, the writings in this color are mine: Fabio Morandi.

This is a bunch of sentences copied from my site or from some of my writings with which you are trying to build an article that makes sense.

Let’s be clear:

  1.  The carpet is an artifact in the strict sense of the term, that is, done with your hands; not “should”, but it is! Strictly knotted by hand.
  2.  It decorates the interior, not the exterior.
  3. The carpet is not like … but it is the sacred space of a symbolic universe.
  4. In the primary conception, the one where the carpet was born and diffused, or at any rate at the origin, the carpet is what detach us from the ground (a flight carpet), what repairs, covers, isolates and decorates is space of life and furnishings.

tibet collection carpet

How to choose the best carpet for the kitchen environment?


Features of the Kitchen Environment

The kitchen is one of the most important environments in the house and must be able to combine functionality and aesthetics. The first thing to do, before choosing the right carpet, is to define the style that the kitchen will have, the style in which you feel comfortable is the right one.

Kitchen space changes and transforms, just as our society does, but we can still find traditional and traditional kitchens, but also environments shaped by the new trends of melting kitchen and living space and creating ample open spaces for more sophisticated solutions such as Island or peninsula kitchens

The style of the carpet must therefore retrace the style of the kitchen.


Modern and Contemporary Style: Bhadhoi and Kilim

If the kitchen in general has a contemporary or modern  style, then it is advisable to opt for a modern or contemporary carpet.

Among the most suitable carpets, for example, you can consider a modern damascate Bhadohi (kitchen decorative element) from India. The Bhadhoi carpets of our store are of the highest quality, as they are made of the finest wool with soft colour and the ramages that remind the designs of Damascus brocades. Characteristic of the carpets of the Bhadhoi collection are the Persian knot, the shaved flees, the elegant silk parts and their distinctive and complex personality.

A good alternative is carpets from Kilim collection (to be used in the kitchen with a non-slip mesh between the carpet and the floor). The Kilim is a hand-woven flat fabric according to the slit weave technique. The kilim has no flees and therefore belongs to the same category of tapestries. Kilims, from the Balkan regions to the Far East, are characterized by regular geometric motifs and color explosions. That’s why they are perfect for contemporary pop-style kitchens.

I know pop music, pop art, but not pop. There are also floral kilims.

antique old kilim


Rustic Kitchen and Persian Carpets

malayer ancient carpet

If the kitchen instead has a more classic and rustic style, the ideal carpet is an old Persian carpet. The Persian carpet is the carpet for antonomasia  and the most appreciated by collectors and amateurs. The most prestigious carpets come from Persia, the ancient name of Iran, and often take their name from the area where they are produced. Carpets can be knotted by hand or by machine, but the real Persian carpet is knotted today again by hand, according to craft techniques on traditional chassis.

The machine can not make the knot  far away, so the knotting is handmade and the term  woven fabric term refers to mechanical machining.

Finally, we recommend to  choose the carpet in which the food spots are not too obvious (in our eyes the spots are not visible and the carpet does not look dirty), but keep in mind the main rules of good and proper maintenance Of quality craft carpet.

I honestly do not understand the meaning of this phrase, perhaps speaking of the carpet in the kitchen, the journalist who wrote the article intended to interpret the right concern for cleaning the carpet of who should handle the kitchen.


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