Not Just Bedside Carpets: The Best Big Carpets for the Bedroom

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DATE: 30 novembre, 2017

Choosing the carpet can be challenging and multifaceted. In fact, every room in the house can be furnished according to different tastes and preferences, but in spite of this there are some basic indications that it is advisable to follow to integrate our new carpet in the most enjoyable way possible. Let’s see which carpet size are ideal in the bedroom: large or small? Bedside carpet or not?


Big or Small Bed in Bedroom?

The furniture solutions proposed for the bedroom are really numerous, but not always correct.

The general rule, which is valid not only for the bedroom but for every room, is 2/3: the right carpet covers the 2/3 of the floor.

Even the chromatic component is an important element: the carpet can be in harmony with the style of the house, for example it may be of the same color as the curtains, or it may create a contrast, perhaps with the floor. Usually, it is advised to avoid light carpets on light floors because you run the risk of not noticing the beauty of both of them: but of course the final decision is up to you.

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If the room is very spacious and large you can place a very large carpet right under the bed, letting it bait from the sides. A large carpet placed under the bed creates a strong decorative impact. Perfect if for example you have to arrange a photo service: the wide-angle will resume the carpet in all its grandeur and beauty. In reality, not often this solution is feasible and creates a pleasant and harmonious effect. This solution would be discarded specially if the room is small: in the reduced spaces the effect will never be like that of the magazine.

The carpet can also go to the bottom of the bed.

turkish rug

Another option is the bedside carpet, small mats to be placed on the sides of the bed. If the carpet is an artwork to call it simply beside carpet, it would be reductive. These carpets are used to avoid direct contact with the cold floor, but are becoming less frequent and are losing their practical function. On the other hand, their aesthetic function remains.

A carpet triptych is not recommended because it is a fashion that has now passed: instead of choosing 3 equal mats of the same size and colors, you can create a great atmosphere with 3 different little carpets in harmony and paired with each other (tints, size and motifs may vary).

Hand-knotted carpets of this size in Eastern tradition were destined to pray: it usually had the Mihrab shape (prayer) with a votive lamp hanging from the center of the arch and columns of the temple.


Where to Put the Carpet in the Bedroom

The carpet should not be put under the bed (it is good only if there is a certain depth), or at its feet. At the front or side of a wardrobe we can place a carpet without fear of breaking the harmony of the furniture.

Depending on the style you like and especially what you already have in your home, you can easily combine classic or contemporary carpets that can embellish the home.

Do you have any doubts? Before you discourage yourself and give up a nice carpet because you find it impossible to place in the right way and not to spend too much in expensive and new furniture, ask an expert who will accompany you in choosing and arranging the perfect carpet for you and for your home.


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