Moder Carpets for a Stylish Design

DATE: 20 luglio, 2017

Morandi Carpets’ store offer a large selection of modern and contemporary carpets hand-knotted following the Carpets Masters from Pakistan, Afghanistan and India technique by Italian and international artist, real carpets designers

Modern carpets from Morandi Carpets mix tradition and innovation: the hand-made technique of knotting and production of the carpet give life to unique piece with great character. Motifs and symbol of classical carpet, old or antique, are revisited in modern accent by really  talented artists.


Why restrict yourself to have only one carpet?

Is quite difficult to choose a carpet that fits perfectly with the furniture and the style of the apartment and that is appropriate to our personal aestheticism. Especially if we aren’t expert in interior design and decoration.

Market offers an almost unlimited selection of carpets and weaves, with different styles and colours. But often occur that a carpet fits in an space but it isn’t good at exalt  the value of the room and of the carpet itself.

Is it possible to coordinate more than one carpet in the same room – for example in the living room or in bedroom – without having a massy effect? Absolutely! The important is to choose yours carpet with presence of mind and receive recommendations from professionals and style experts.

Chuck Palu’s Collection

chuk palu carpet

The carpets of Chuk Palu honoring tradition embrace the future; contemporaries are hand-knotted in Afghanistan.

The rug collection is a project of the renowned artist Afghan Rahim Walizada.

Rahim uses the technique and tradition of carpet as a form of contemporary artistic expression.

To interpret its sophisticated designs are highly skilled weavers in giving the sheen of silk to wool, adept at finding the color variations in the yarn and to infuse the design a unique twist.

The modern motifs of Chuk Palu collection that you can find on Morandi Carpets’ store, are extremely sophisticated and elegant thanks to the symmetry of geometric patterns. These drawings are the real particularity of the collection and the reason of its international success.


Reloaded Collection

zeki muren carpet

The carpets are Reloaded, as the word suggests, regenerated, bleached and dyed. Create a new magic that is inspired by tradition and seduces us with a new color clear and bright. To achieve this effect the fleece carpet is carefully shaved, leaving sometimes guess the original reason, or even discovering the structure of the plots. Some are designed by Zeki Muren (Bursa -Smirne 1931 1996), the famous singer turkish but also versatile artist. “Sun of the art, the son of the sun and the sun that never sets”, in Zeki was “inspired” even Lady Gaga. (See the cover of the single “Applause”). Originally his designs were painted on canvas, today, on the initiative of the gallery Artetotale-Moranditappeti, were transposed on carpets.


Ikat Collection

ikat collection carpet

The carpets of Ikat collection represent an innovation: a new trend that reworks a design obtained by a special process of dyeing wool yarn for weaving, typical of the peoples of Malaysian and Indonesian. The meaning of the term is cloud as the decorative motifs obtained resemble clouds. The ikat was already known to the ancient Hindu culture and in its simplest type even in pre-Columbian Peru.

Ikat carpets in the Morandi Carpets store are knotted in Pakistan using an ancient coloring technique therefore, the coloration is made in more periods, starting from the pale colors. This technique is based on the concept of subtract from the coloration some parts of the spun. Also the drawings, sometimes modular are obtained by using particular dyeing technique for the wool yarn.


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