The Amazing Peshawar Carpets: Traditional Manufacturing, Innovating Design

peshawar carpet classic
DATE: 3 agosto, 2017

Peshawar Carpets are some of the most beautiful and precious of the classic carpets.

Its value does not only come from the quality of the wool and in the careful knotting but also in the

reworked and reinterpretation of ancient motif in a new form.


Peshawar: The Origins

Carpets from Peshawar collection, come from the homonym city in the north of Pakistan, a placed known to have a great production of new handmade carpets.

This particular region in the Central Asia is one of the most politically unstable: similar to the country contended by India, Pakistan e China called Kashmir, Daria, Xinjan by the three different government.

For this reason carpets of this region have different names and can be called  after their native land or after other elements, such as their drawings, motifs, production technique etc. sometimes creating misunderstanding.

However, it’s not important how you call a carpet. The important thing is  the carpet itself and the skills of the who knotting it using the traditional technique.

In Morandi’s store you’ll find only high quality carpets, everyone with a warranty and authenticity certificate that prove the effective technical and esthetic value.


How Recognize an Peshawar Carpet

peshawar carpet

Amazing carpet from Peshawar collection with warm shades of red and flower motifs full of detail that exalt the perfection of the technique and the careful chromatic research.

Following, same of the carpet details.

details peshawar carpet

Now a list of unique and inimitable technical characteristics of Peshawar collection’s carpets that you can find also on the warranty certificate in the store Morandi Carpets.

  • Peshawar carpets have the knotted 20/20 (in other words, 20 knot in horizontal and 20 in vertical in the same space of one inch square, this is the major concentration of Ghiordes knots of possible nowadays, is the same delicacy of the famous carpet knotted in Tabriz by Hajji Jalili master).
  • They are produced with exquisite hand woven wools.
  • The wools are not whiten and painted with vegetable colors.
  • The warp is make by thin twisted cotton threat.
  • Peshawar collection’s carpets are characterizing by the alternation of loose and tanse welfts.
  • They have Indian and Persian motifs typical of the classical and traditional carpets but in a new a contemporary way. The little drawings are now painted as big and vice versa.

The carpet from the real Peshawar collection in the Morandi Carpets store coming from a little manufacture able to knotting a small number of carpets: they are made by the better Ustha (onorific name that could be translated as Master)  and is guaranteed and certified that child labor is not used.

They are absolutely the better carpets in Pakistan: with exquisite texture and incredible beauty, high quality products with a charm of other times.

peshawar carpet classic

With the Peshawar carpet, you can admire an example of amazing manufacture, with a great knotting, and, as tradition, made of high quality wool with vegetable colors, characterized by ancient floral motifs reinterpreted in a contemporary way. A demonstration of the exceptional technical capacity and the great aesthetic taste of Ustha Pakistani masters.

Carpets from the Peshawar collection are able to exalt the harmony and the beauty of the internal space: let’s suggest from experts how give value to the atmosphere and  the house space with a so precious carpet.


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