Big or Small Carpets? How Choose the Size of the Carpet

anatolian rug aksaray
DATE: 19 ottobre, 2017

Reading some specializing blog I have found some assertion that I take the liberty of comment; Below, my opinion will be expressed in blue, meanwhile in black I quote in concise way written and opinion not mine.

The position and the size of carpet depend on two factors:

the size of the room we want to furnish and the style of the furniture in it. The first thing to do before purchasing a carpet is to measure the room we want to put it in. Once we know the size of the overall room, we need to measure the area we want the carpet to cover. This simple technique will help to understand what size of carpet will best fit into the room. ”

In today’s apartments, the dining room (where the dining table is located) and the living room (where usually a tv and the couches are positioned) are usually the same room. In this modern disposition of the rooms, the carpet can be used as well to divide the two different areas.



As regards carpets for living room, many people thinks that:

the size of the carpet you would put on the living room is extremely important to obtain an harmonious and well-looking space. And this is also significant because living room is the most important space of our house.

We can choose a carpet among 3 type of size: For example, we can opt for a carpet with, approximately the same size of the room to cover a large part of it. The most important is to put the same distance from the edge of the carpet and all the piece of furniture. This expedient is perfect for big rooms.  

You can also choose a carpet to put in front of the sofa and armchairs. In this case you can opt for set down every couch feet on the carpet or just the frontal ones.

For the living room is better to avoid small carpets, because the furniture would look  disproportionate.”

In the first case, that fortunately is infrequent, the big carpet need to be pale colored with wide drawings to lighten the space that could appear overloaded.

In regard of having a carpet just for the area among sofa and armchair, it’s important to take into account the proportion between the couch and the carpet itself.

In closing, it seems obvious that small carpets will be used just to adorn a part of the room or a passage area. It can’t be used ad a central part of the interior design.


Dining Room

In the matter of dining room and sitting room,  according to architecture and design specialists, the rule is only one:

The carpet would be placed in the center, under the table and it should be big enough to be under completely under the chairs also when them are moved backwards to allow people to sit.”

Yes! Even if in the minimalist, modern spaces or in very big rooms is more advisable to avoid this option and position the carpet as a decorative element placed side by side the table or hung up to a huge wall.



“For the kitchen room, usually are chosen little and rectangular carpets to place in front of the sink or of the peninsula. However, if you have a large space, you can also think about to opt for a bigger carpet or a narrow and long one: the outcome will be a more modern and sophisticated kitchen”.


Big Carpets

In this case the most important think to take in mind is the practicality. It’s better to choose a robust carpet, resistant to the frequent washing and, preferably, that become dirty with difficulty. The best is one with many colors and drawings in order to not make the presence of the inevitable spots clear.

anatolian rug aksaray


In the bedroom, like in the living room, is possible to choose among different style possibility.

in bedroom the ideal solution is arrange the carpet under the bed. It’s necessarily that the carpet comes out from the bed  for, at least,  30 centimeter from both sides. If it is too much small, it will be completely hidden by the bed and we would not able to use it as bedside rug.

One other option is place the carpet in the foot of the bed. In this case it will be larger than the bed to assure a pretty result.

The third option is to opt for the terrific bedside rug, to start the day in the best way”.

Even if the décor solution are a lot,  only few of them will be correct for the bedroom.

A huge carpet placed under the bed is a solution of great impact, perfect for a photographic service since the wide angle lens of the camera emphasizes both the carpet and the bed.

In the real life, is quite impossible to find an apartment where this solution fits. Infect, it need a huge room, big bed and a very big carpet. In small spaces the effect will never be the same of the magazine.


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