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Careful hand washing, inspection and maintenance

We suggest having a carpet inspected once every four years.

Careful hand washing, inspection and maintenance We suggest having a carpet inspected once every four years.
During the inspection we decide the type of treatment necessary; in most cases, the carpet needs deep washing with water to which a softener and moth-repellent have been added. Before we deliver the carpet to our trusted cleaner, we check the colours and, if necessary, we pre-treat the carpet with a special fixing agent; then, we insure the carpet against any eventuality both during shipping and during the washing procedure.

At our precise request, the cleaner does not use any bleaching products; they only wash the carpet with water, rug shampoo and a moth-repellent; the carpet is spun dry, as opposed to heat drying.

When the carpet is returned to us, it is checked again to see if it needs any restoration.
In some rare cases, the carpets also need other types of treatment: hand washing, de-oxidising or brightening with acetic acid.
We are contrary to “Antique wash” type ageing treatments, and we do not provide them.

The cost depends on the size, weight and value of the carpet.
For example: the price for washing a new Persian carpet, 300 x 200 cm, insured for a value of €2,500, with softner and moth-repellent is Euro 100.00


What not to do:
Do not shake out the carpet from the balcony
Do not wet
Do not place the carpet in damp areas
Do not place vases of flowers on the carpet (even if not in direct contact with water, condensation may form)

We do NOT advise:
The use of chemical products, dry shampoo, various sprays
Silicone based products
“Do-it-yourself” cleaning

Dangerous elements
Acids, like: Yogurt, urine, vomit.

The vacuum cleaner does not damage the carpet, however care must be taken in vacuuming the fringes.
For deep cleaning, carefully use a carpet sweeper no more than twice a month; even when used with care, it tends to rip the fringes.
A straw broom is ideal for sweeping the carpet, but tends to create dust in the house.

If you spill something on the carpet:
wash the stained part with a little water and detergent for wool or delicates; dry immediately, using a hairdryer 40cm from the carpet. Brush the pile in the right direction.

If chewing gum gets stuck in the carpet:
Remove the gum by chilling it with ice and delicately lifting it from the pile with a razor blade. The same procedure is used to remove melted wax.