Morandi Carpets
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Castelvetro, September 24th, 1991

Alessandro and Andrea are in bed, I've just smoked the last damned cigarette and I'm going on switching nervously on the remote-control: Maurizio Costanzo, an old football match, a noisy television film, a black and white movie....oof. A scene-change light up a corner of the carpet: it isn't perfectly clean... I tell to everyone to keep them clean and I myself don't do it! I'm going to..

What a nice colour after all those years, maybe it looks nicer to me because I'm fond of it. I still remember when I bought it from my mother paying it with all my savings at that time. It cost me like my car; I was eighteen, twenty five year has gone, I've changed nine cars, but He's still there, nicer than ever. We've passed twentyfive years together: in winter here in Castelvetro and in summer in Cattolica, then in Crema.

Do you remember when I rescued you from the flood? It was the 1974 : the rivers Conca and Ventena overflowed their banks, and you were the first one to be brought to safety to the second floor. I've been a good boy, I've never sold you, in spite of all the favourable offers. I hear something from the bed-room:" Dad, do you come to sleep, didn't you ?"- says Alessandro-, "I'm coming!". I go to sleep now, because tomorrow morning I've to bustle about downstairs in the shop to sell the other carpets; I hope they will find an owner as loving as me.

Fabio Morandi