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code: 8853
type: other carpets
collection: ancient turkmen carpets
origin: uzbekistan
dimensions 185 x 257 cm
  6' 0" x 8' 5"



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Antique Turkoman carpet. Nineteenth century. The specimen in question is proposed in almost perfect conservation, the restorations carried out to perfection respect this very pure piece in its essence and integrity, reinforcing the structure in a conservative way, without adding knots, without altering its chromatic and decorative impact. There is still a large head kilim. To the touch, the carpet...leggi tutto expresses itself at the highest levels of pleasure given the very fine knotting density and the splendid conservation of the fleece. At a chromatic level, I can guarantee that the intensity of the colors, enhanced by timid Abrash just hinted at, seduces us, both at first glance and after long observation. The graphic balance that makes use of five rows of eleven typical Tekke goals, is flawless and perfectly usable in the size of the rug of 185 x 257 cm.
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category: other carpets
High-quality manufactures of old and antique oriental rugs new

collection: ancient turkmen carpets
You do not know what the population was the first to develop the art of weaving a carpet, although it is believed that the Turkmen were among the first to perfect this technique and take it to an unsurpassed level of craftsmanship to make visual art and symbolic . Salor, Yomuth, Tekke, Ersari, Beshir.


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