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code: 8748
type: other carpets
collection: ancient turkmen carpets
origin: turkmenistan
dimensions 39 x 75 cm
  1' 3" x 2' 5"



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If it were not for the very fine Senneh knot that pervades the whole structure, this Mafrash of which there are both sides of the bag, could be mistaken for Saryk. The last row of coarser knots are in symmetrical technique. In addition to the classic gol arranged in three rows of three elements each, as a secondary motif we find a beautiful Charch Palak with hooked motifs on all four sides. The ko...leggi tuttotchanak border that borders the field is also reminiscent of the Saryks. I have heard numerous experts, and while everyone agrees that this Mafrash is reminiscent of the Saryks, some attribute it to the Yomut and others to the Ersari. I appreciate receiving comments and impressions in the space provided.
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category: other carpets
High-quality manufactures of old and antique oriental rugs new

collection: ancient turkmen carpets
You do not know what the population was the first to develop the art of weaving a carpet, although it is believed that the Turkmen were among the first to perfect this technique and take it to an unsurpassed level of craftsmanship to make visual art and symbolic . Salor, Yomuth, Tekke, Ersari, Beshir.


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Ersari O Yomut questa mafrash turcomanna? di certo è interessante quanto un Saryk.
Fabio Morandi - 23-09-2021 | 16:26:47