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code: 8519
type: other carpets
collection: ancient turkmen carpets
origin: turkmenistan
dimensions 182 x 330 cm
  5' 11" x 10' 9"



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Yomuth Antique Turkmen carpet knotted in the mid 19th century with a density of over 2400 knots per square meter. Warp in sheep and goat wool, double weft in dark wool, symmetrical knot. The tiles arranged in parallel rows staggered, contrast the colors dark green and blue, ocher and white. The burnt background color is extraordinary. The field of the carpet is dominated by the classic Dyrnak goa...leggi tuttol with diagonal quadripartite colors, a large Elem band on the ends closed by cotton Kilim (perhaps made at a later time). What really leaves us speechless is the motif with which the main border with a white background is decorated. The very small conservative restorations make us appreciate even more the extraordinary state of conservation.
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category: other carpets
High-quality manufactures of old and antique oriental rugs new

collection: ancient turkmen carpets
You do not know what the population was the first to develop the art of weaving a carpet, although it is believed that the Turkmen were among the first to perfect this technique and take it to an unsurpassed level of craftsmanship to make visual art and symbolic . Salor, Yomuth, Tekke, Ersari, Beshir.


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