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code: 8351
type: caucasian carpets
collection: Antique caucasian carpets: Shirvan
origin: caucaso
dimensions 138 x 158 cm
  4' 6" x 5' 2"



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Rare Marasali with a red background. The prayer carpet knotted in the Shirvan area south of Bijof in the village of the same name in the first decade of the 20th century presents a series of Boteh (typical Marasali) enclosed in a fine rhomboid grid that enhances the design giving it order and logic. The white mihrab that interrupts the grill without enjoying its geometric rigor is decorated with a...leggi tutton uninterrupted row of "Cavallucci di Marasali". Clear and beautiful main border between two very fine frames with minute drawings. Excellent condition and great charm.
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category: caucasian carpets
Knotted on wool warp and horizontal frame by nomadic peoples, the carpets are more prized by collectors for the expressive force of the geometric design.

collection: Antique caucasian carpets: Shirvan
Caucasus Central Eastern The rugs in this area are often grouped together under the name of Shirvan, famous for the fineness of Ghiordes and the fleece shaved a few millimeters from the node, they iconography closely linked to the village or town of knotting. Carpets Ghendjeh, Talish, Lenkoran, Mogan, Ciajli, Akstafa, Shirwan, Marasali, Bidjof, Surahani, Tachte, Kila, Baku, Kuba, Karagashli, Konakhend, There There, Prepedil, Seikhur, Zejwa, Dagestan, Derbend, Lesghi.


fotogallery MARASALI
fotogallery MARASALI
fotogallery MARASALI
fotogallery MARASALI


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