Morandi Carpets
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code: 8281
type: modern and contemporary carpets
collection: Bhadohi Collection
origin: india
dimensions 197 x 303 cm
  6' 5" x 9' 11"



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€ 2.254,10 carpet is in outlet
This carpet is in Italy - Castelvetro store
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An advice! if you are looking at the site and you are surprised by the number of colors, the brightness of the wool, all right, but be careful! Try to look at a few pieces at a time, perhaps calmly and examine the image in high definition. Looking at too many, the risk is that they will seduce you all and you can no longer understand the one that suits you best.
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category: modern and contemporary carpets
Proposals for designers, contemporary artists and modern "Ustad" masters in the knotting technique manual carpet, interpret modernity in strict observance of the ancient traditions

collection: Bhadohi Collection
We have selected the best wools to realize this new collection in soft colors and floral sprays that reflect the designs of brocades of Damascus. Bhadohi carpets are of excellent quality can combine beauty and price; have a core complex and a strong personality; the node type is Persian and the fleece is shaved down, the parts are played in silk discreetly and are noted for the elegance

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modern and contemporary carpets ambientati


fotogallery BHADOHI
fotogallery BHADOHI
fotogallery BHADOHI
fotogallery BHADOHI
fotogallery BHADOHI


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Aggiungo a quanto scritto dal Sig. Morandi che, quando ve ne sarà la possibilità, suggerisco la visione dal vivo perché per quanto siano fatte bene le fotografie, non rendono giustizia alla bellezza di questi manufatti moderni.
Filippo - 09-05-2020 | 15:28:12