Morandi Carpets
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code: 8105
type: modern and contemporary carpets
collection: Other modern design carpets
origin: afghanistan
dimensions 198 x 254 cm
  6' 5" x 8' 4"



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The modern carpet, with its geometric design, offers us a simple modular composition of rhombuses inserted in squares; the beauty is given by the materials used and the compactness of the knot. I frankly find it ridiculous that today a real, hand-knotted and modern rug should be offered for less than some mechanical carpets, except for a tufted rug.
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category: modern and contemporary carpets
Proposals for designers, contemporary artists and modern "Ustad" masters in the knotting technique manual carpet, interpret modernity in strict observance of the ancient traditions

collection: Other modern design carpets
Sometimes we are lucky enough to come across carpets of modern contemporary or even in factories usually devoted to 'knotting carpet classic. For your convenience we gather here this unusual carpets of various origins.


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