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code: 7929
type: persian carpets
collection: new persian carpets
origin: iran
dimensions 301 x 392 cm
  9' 10" x 12' 10"



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Room size, so defined in the USA, about three meters by four this is the most sought after dimension, perfect for a large living room, for a living room. Alt! However, this is not the merit of this Mud knotted more than fifty years ago in Khorassan. They are the silky wools, the fineness of the knotting, the textures beaten with the metallic comb, the plastic design that gives the carpet an extrao...leggi tuttordinary sense of depth, the twisted cotton of the warp threads, and other typical characteristics of the Muds knotted at the time of the Shah.
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category: persian carpets
The Persian carpet is the carpet by definition, the best known and appreciated among the hand-knotted carpets. Generally named after the city or area of knotting. Kirman carpet, Kashan, Tabriz, Isfahan, Serapi, Senneh, Bakhtiari, Saruk, Sultanabad, Mahal, Ferahan, Mishan, Josan, Bidjar, Malayer, Hamadan

collection: new persian carpets
Knotted after the Islamic revolution of 1978 and circulated in the West since 1982, these artifacts retain traditional designs and knotting manual; I propose only a rigorous selection.

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