Morandi Carpets
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code: 6694
type: classical carpets
collection: Peshawar collection
origin: pakhistan
dimensions 247 x 327 cm
  8' 1" x 10' 8"



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This carpet is in Italy - Castelvetro store
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A real pleasure for me to see this piece enthroned on the center wall of the Castelvetro store. The Peshawar has a beautiful and broad border with minute design flanked by seven smaller frames and the large central medallion let the angles you do not notice only for the peaceful green vegetable color but also for the stylization of flowers branches. All the splendor of this carpet is due to knott...leggi tuttoing (20/20), plant colors and also the exceptional decoration project realized in a single copy.
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category: classical carpets
In this group we insert the new collections of carpets from the classic design with medallion, floral carpets and decorative rugs or stylized from Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and India. For clarity of each collection indicate the technical characteristics.

collection: Peshawar collection
Rare and fine workmanship direct from the best Ustha Pakistanis who have reworked the classic Indian motifs and Persian making them nicely suited to meet and exceed the new stylistic trends. A nod to the past in the decorative motifs, meticulously repeat all stages of the ancient craft with painstaking attention to detail down to the seemingly insignificant. Hand spun wool washed with soap without use of detergents, mordenziatura according to ancient traditions, dyeing with vegetable dyes, fine knotting between 3500 and 5000 nodes Ghiordes every dmq, 20/20, warp in thin strands of twisted cotton robust. The plots pass alternately each row of knots 2 or 3 times; when they pass twice are a roach and a tense, when they pass three times two outstretched and a roach.

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fotogallery PESHAWAR
fotogallery PESHAWAR
fotogallery PESHAWAR
fotogallery PESHAWAR


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Elegante e raffinato sia nel disegno che nei colori degno di un palazzo Moghul. Incredibile che in Pakistan riescano ancora a produrre manufatti di questa altissima qualita!
Luca Mondini - 04-01-2023 | 19:50:42