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code: 3547
type: caucasian carpets
collection: antique caucasian carpets: Kazak
origin: caucaso
dimensions 197 x 230 cm
  6' 5" x 7' 6"



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We find in this carpet all the features of the best known of Karaciof one with the white octagonal central medallion. As usual the mighty octagon stands rectangle drawn on the typical checkerboard blue and red, four hooks, repeated twice, one inside and one outside, connect the white with the red medallion incorporated, in the corners of the camp is four-square whites who still carry the archaic K...leggi tuttoociak bumps in them and nine two-color eight-pointed star. How archaic is now clear the reasons for this rug, knotted in a small village north of Lake Sewan in the nineteenth century, lead us to the distant origins of the Eastern Turkestan.
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category: caucasian carpets
Knotted on wool warp and horizontal frame by nomadic peoples, the carpets are more prized by collectors for the expressive force of the geometric design.

collection: antique caucasian carpets: Kazak
Western Caucasus They generally have the fleece top and bright and geometric design great essential and rigorous. In the Western Caucasus Kazak: Lori-Pampak, Sewan, Fachralo, Karaciof, Bordjalou, Shulaver, Lambalo, Shikli. Also there are Kazak known for the particular design: Kazak Stars, Kazak swastikas, Kazak prayer, Kazak polygons, Kazak hooked polygons, Kazak trees, Kazak panes.

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fotogallery KAZAK KARACIOF
fotogallery KAZAK KARACIOF
fotogallery KAZAK KARACIOF
fotogallery KAZAK KARACIOF
fotogallery KAZAK KARACIOF
fotogallery KAZAK KARACIOF


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Splendido esemplare i cui schemi compositivi sono tipicamente centro-asiatici, così come i disegni rigorosamente stilizzati e geometrici. Assai tipico l'impianto decorativo secondo lo schema 1 + 4. Interessante e rara la dimensione contenuta, tendente al quadrato. Complimenti e beato chi se lo potrà permettere !
Pierluigi Pani - 16-06-2009 | 11:32:45