Morandi Carpets
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code: 7833
type: classical carpets
collection: Hyderabad collection
origin: pakhistan
dimensions 243 x 328 cm
  7' 11" x 10' 9"



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This knotted carpet in Hyderabad quality in the central field has two modular designs that interpenetrate and complement each other. The decorative effect is that of not giving reference points and having the rug read in every area as if it were a new carpet. He will never get tired! The carpet is perfect homogeneous and bright, photography leaves much to be desired.
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category: classical carpets
In this group we insert the new collections of carpets from the classic design with medallion, floral carpets and decorative rugs or stylized from Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and India. For clarity of each collection indicate the technical characteristics.

collection: Hyderabad collection
We called this quality with the name of the mythical city as early as the end of the nineteenth century to Hyderabad knotted carpets trying to bring together the best techniques areas very different and far apart. These are the features: Wools hand spun in Uzbekistan. Vegetable colors. End node Senneh made by master Afghans. Weft and warp in cotton. Fleece wool. Warps completely depressed. Two weft threads between the nodes, one more often tense and a thin one. New designs broad, decorative and fine. Shaved, washed and finished in the sun of Pakistan. Consider these features the best you can today be desired by a carpet of new manufacture.


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