Morandi Carpets
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code: 7772
type: persian carpets
collection: antique persian carpets
origin: iran
dimensions 138 x 168 cm
  4' 6" x 5' 6"



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Heriz in Silk. Before publishing this masterpiece I searched all over the web to see what the market proposed. I must say that I did not expect to find much, instead, to my surprise, I found two other carpets up to this level. I urge you to do the same and to report some others in case I missed it. One moment, these are the technical characteristics: Excellent preservation, only two small and abso...leggi tuttolutely marginal lacerations and, very important, never passed in the hands of any restorer. Undamaged on the heads and in the borders. Silk head kilim. Period second half of the nineteenth century. Double row of weights between the nodes. Semi-depressed silk warps. Silk uniform fleece. Drawing in Mihrab. Turkibaff knotting greater than 800,000 knots / sqm. Cm 138 x 178 As I told you, I found two other rugs of this splendor, but no comment on the beauty and value of this manufacture. In this piece the contrast between the purple red and the green of the Mihrab field creates a magical, unique emotion. The archaic motifs typical of the Heriz and the Serapi that we can find only in carpets of the nineteenth century, confirm us the Caucasian influences and the stylistic assonances with the Usaks.
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category: persian carpets
The Persian carpet is the carpet by definition, the best known and appreciated among the hand-knotted carpets. Generally named after the city or area of knotting. Kirman carpet, Kashan, Tabriz, Isfahan, Serapi, Senneh, Bakhtiari, Saruk, Sultanabad, Mahal, Ferahan, Mishan, Josan, Bidjar, Malayer, Hamadan

collection: antique persian carpets
We define the ancient carpets before the war of 1915/18. They have hand-spun wool dyed with vegetable colors, animals or minerals. In some rare cases have been used, limited to certain colors, the first aniline dyes. Saruk rugs, knotted with vegetable colors until 1930, are included in this group


fotogallery HERIZ SETA
fotogallery HERIZ SETA
fotogallery HERIZ SETA
fotogallery HERIZ SETA
fotogallery HERIZ SETA
fotogallery HERIZ SETA
fotogallery HERIZ SETA
fotogallery HERIZ SETA


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