Morandi Carpets
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code: 4111
type: modern and contemporary carpets
collection: River Collection
origin: india
dimensions 184 x 287 cm
  6' 0" x 9' 4"
features: floreale A disegno moderno



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Imbued with a special sweet clear tones this rug has the ability to infuse security and peace of mind and the movement of the bottom of the carpet squote us from the torpor as if a fishing boat approaching the shore of our river. remember: River Collection.
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category: modern and contemporary carpets
Proposals for designers, contemporary artists and modern "Ustad" masters in the knotting technique manual carpet, interpret modernity in strict observance of the ancient traditions

collection: River Collection
The carpets River give a contemporary twist to the traditional floral design with romantic waterfalls holes silk stylized. Weft and warp in cotton, end node compact closed between the warps completely depressed. Fleece in fine wool bright with more than 30% of silk inserts.


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