Morandi Carpets
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code: 8572
type: other carpets
collection: other rugs
origin: afghanistan
dimensions 85 x 135 cm
  2' 9" x 4' 5"



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Even in the simplicity of the design we can verify how much the decorative motifs are knotted from memory, according to tradition and without the aid of a cardboard with marked and knots and the precise points in which to make them. I leave you with a riddle:
Take a good look at the drawing and tell me why there is concrete proof of what I have stated in the drawing.
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category: other carpets
High-quality manufactures of old and antique oriental rugs new

collection: other rugs
Baloch, gazni, Chubi, Dargistan, Chinese carpets new, American, Berber, from Bhutan, carpets from Romania and Bulgaria, Kaskai Moharramat, carpets Vowen legend, Pasthu, Nazuk, Pashto Savannah, Darya and Syrdaria Carpets, rugs Pamir, Samarkand and Khotan.


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C è differenza tra guardare e vedere! Filippo Tu ci vedi
Fabio Morandi - 27-03-2021 | 09:31:20
La butto lì Fabio, cogliendo l’occasione per salutarti; la decorazione adiacente alla cornice di sinistra è parzialmente celata dall’iconografia speculare del manufatto.
Filippo - 26-03-2021 | 19:33:16