Morandi Carpets
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code: 8101
type: persian carpets
collection: old persian carpets
origin: iran
dimensions 148 x 221 cm
  4' 10" x 7' 3"



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Old well-preserved Saveh knotted in Pardeh format. The old Persian village carpet, in the border presents a rustic stylization of the Boteh motif alternating with rosettes, while the iconography of the field, the angular, the same central part of the medallion, recall the Caucasian designs of the Kuba area.
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category: persian carpets
The Persian carpet is the carpet by definition, the best known and appreciated among the hand-knotted carpets. Generally named after the city or area of knotting. Kirman carpet, Kashan, Tabriz, Isfahan, Serapi, Senneh, Bakhtiari, Saruk, Sultanabad, Mahal, Ferahan, Mishan, Josan, Bidjar, Malayer, Hamadan

collection: old persian carpets
We define old knotted carpets interwar or in the next two decades. They still hand spun wool and some vegetable colors. In this group, the earliest manufacturers of the city of Kum (Goom) and Isfahan, characterized by the extreme refinement of the node and the use of silk in both the structure (warp and weft) is in the fleece.


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