The Most Antique Persian Carpets

tappeto antico persiano
DATE: 19 maggio, 2017

The oldest Persian carpets available on the market are from the mid-nineteenth century because the masterpieces knotted before are only collector’s items. In some cases they are kept in the museums and they are never used as a piece of furniture in the houses.

In the past the most precious carpets were often realized as a gift to influential people and the trade wasn’t so widespread in the west yet.


The Most Antique and Precious Persian Carpets


1.     Kashan Mohtashem

tappeto persiano antico

This Kashan Mohtashen is one of the most beautiful carpets you can find in our exclusive collection. It’s an honour for us to offer you one of the most incredible and touching masterpiece of the nineteenth century. This particular carpet is characterized by an extremely fine and compact knotting (asymmetric Senneh open on the left) which gives him strength and resistance but also a unique softness. The essential drawing decoration is characterized by the intensity of dark blue plants, the central medallion elongated features and the unusually stylized tulip pattern border.


2.     Kirman Raver

tappeto persiano antico

This carpet comes from Iran and it was realized before the 1880. This masterpiece is perfectly preserved and it is characterized by an extremely fine knotting, intense colours and a low fleece. It really unique and its sizes are also very uncommon, in fact it measures 199 x 279 cm, which are unique dimensions for this kind of carpets. The large central medallion anticipates the Laver carpets’ decorations from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

tappeto persiano antico

This second Kirman was also knotted in Raver, it is an antique Persian carpet smaller than the other one. This incredible masterpiece impresses for its elegant chromatic research, the skilful red shades combination on a light background and the beautiful floral drawing. All the Morandi’s Persian carpets are made with naturally dyed wools realized before the first World War.


3.     Tabriz

tappeto antico persiano

The origin of the carpets realized by Haji Jalili is really amazing and interesting. At the end of the 19th century in Tabriz, a famous Persian city, a flourishing artistic rebirth begins for the carpets, specially thanks to this important master, today known as one the best knotter and for his rare ability in combining the different colours. In fact he used to mix the lighter colours (rose, gold, grey) creating incredibly manicured drawings.

The Tabriz knotted between the 1870 and the 1890 are attributed to him and their value is still really high.


4.     Isfahan

antico tappeto persiano

Isfahan, one of the most precious antique Persian carpet from Iran, is at least 100 years old. It was realized on the wooden frame and it is characterized by intense colours, the floral theme and its extremely soft wools. Despite its age, this masterpiece maintain a perfect state of preservation.

5.     Senneh

tappeto persiano anticoThis wonderful antique Persian carpet comes from Kurdistan, a fundamental knotting region starting from the 19th century. In particular this Senneh is one of the best and most precious Kurdish masterpiece ever realized. It has a classical style with the typical concentric hexagonal medallions, the largest of which covers it entirely. Collectors from all over the world specially appreciate this carpet for the single weft and the five colour warp.





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