Knowing and Appreciate Kazak Carpets

kazak antique carpet
DATE: 17 agosto, 2017

Kazak carpets are Caucasian carpet of rare beauty. They came from same regions of western Caucasus, the oldest pieces are very esteemed, knotted with valuable wools and vegetable dye: for this reason are very appreciate by collectors and antique carpet lovers.

Let’s say better: collectors and antique carpet lovers, who appreciate the extraordinary quality of these carpets, choose scrupulously the rarest pieces with particular graphics.

In this article we explain how recognize an ancient Kazak carpet e how appreciate its material and particular motifs.


The Origins of Caucasian Carpets

The Caucasian carpets come from the region between Black Sea and Caspian Sea, that is divided today in   Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Chechnya and Ingushetia.

Kazak carpets are mostly  knotted in the western Caucaso,  primarily in Armenia and Azerbaijan.  The name can seems a trap:  the word Kazak, infect, has nothing to do with Kazakistan, it isn’t its place of origin.

In reality, the name comes from the word “Cossack”, a nomad group of Tartar family living in the steppes of south Russian and East Europe and organized in military communities.

kazak antique carpet

Kazak carpets are knotted by nomad population, many of which are just cattle breeders


Characteristics of the Real Kazak

How you recognise a real Kazak?

Generally, a Kazak carpet have a high and very bright fleece, both the warp and the welft are made tender and bright wool and are knotted on a horizontal loom. The using of vegetable dye give a final chromatic effect shining and accurate, colors are bright and lively.

kazak antique carpet

Typical is the use on symmetric knot called Ghiordes or Turkibaft (Turkish knot). This particular production technique is called after the homonymous city in Turk end is spread mostly in the region of Iranian Azerbaijan, near the edges between Turk an Caucasus  and among the Kurdish population of Caucasian origins.


Typical Decorations Motifs

These carpets are particular because of the original and spontaneous drawings. The majority of Kazak carpets are geometric with drawings of  great expressive force; infect the motifs are big, essential and rigorous.  Therefore Kazak carpets are appreciate by collectors. Infect, after the motifs they take the names:  Kazak Stars, Kazak swastikas, Kazak prayer, Kazak polygons, Kazak hooked polygons, Kazak trees, Kazak panes.

antique kazak carpet

The edging is generally pale in the background and with rhombs and polygons meanwhile in the central background the principal color is often a very intense red.  However, hues are many: blue, yellow, green, ivory white are often used. The motifs are dynamics and pleasant. The vivacity of the colors is rendered even more lively tanks the use of high quality wools.

Instead, others carpets are named after the place of origin.  Among the main type of carpets we find: Karaciov, Bordjalou, Fachralo, Shulaver e Lori-Pampak.

In the Kazaki carpets you can read the character and pride of the nomad people of Western Caucasus and theirs love  for freedom and their fidelity to traditions. The carpet, infect, represent one of the higher artistic expression of these people.




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