Hallway and Entrance Hall Carpets: Comfort and Protection

Bhadoh Carpets
DATE: 3 maggio, 2017

A carpet in the entrance hall or in the bedroom area has two main advantages: it helps to keep the floors clean longer and it also gives elegance and beauty to the room. The hall carpet is a typical solution used to cross a room or an hallway in his entire length.


The Entrance Hall Carpet

This carpet is like the business card of the entire house because it’s the first piece of furniture to be seen by the guests. In this case it’s better to choose for a dark and resistant carpet because of the people who often walk with their shoes on it. Regarding the hall an old carpet can also be a good idea.

The Bedroom Hall Carpet

Different rules should be followed for the bedroom area instead. In fact the entrance hall is generally crossed when we have our shoes on, while in the sleeping area we generally walk barefoot or with our slippers on. For this reason an ancient carpet could be used, even if it easy softer and more valuable and precious. You can chose your favourite colours and patterns, considering also the brightness of the space.

It’s not easy to find the perfect hall carpet because of the different dimension that an hallway can have. The assortment is huge but finding the perfect one is difficult and hard researches could be required.

So let’s see some interesting alternatives to the classic hall carpet which can guarantee the same result. I hope this can give you the right inspiration.


Malayer Carpets

malayer carpets hall

These carpets are named after the place where they are produced, a city widely recognized for the quality of its artworks, localized not far from Hamedan in Iran. The Malayer rugs are made of wool and cotton, and they are painted with the best vegetable and natural colours like the rust red, blue and orange. They have generally long and narrow shapes, and they have one or more weft threads of robust cotton between the warps.

The old and ancient pieces are extremely valuable thanks to their quality while the modern one are generally less appreciated.

The most beautiful Malayer rugs are realized in Mishan, characterized by the star medallion motif and the delicate colour composition.


Bhadohi Hall Carpets

Bhadoh Carpets hallway

Bhadohi rugs are perfect if you prefer the modern carpets and they are a perfect solution for the bedroom area. They are realized with the Persian knot and with the best wool and silk in the world. Despite their huge quality, you can find Bhadohi carpets at a very good and convenient price.

All in all it’s important to remember that it’s not true that walking on a carpet increase its beauty, which is instead given by the passage of time and the sun light. It should be also considered that every hall carpet here described is completely handmade and for this reason using them on the stairs is extremely advised against.


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