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DATE: 25 aprile, 2017

What do we exactly mean when we use the adjective classic talking about carpets? Someone usually refers to the Persian rugs, while Morandi Carpets uses this expression to identify the modern carpets not Persian characterized by a classic style.

Persian Classic Carpets

The adjective “classic” can be used for different carpets and rugs and first of all it’s important to clarify its meaning. The most general idea identify as classic the Persian floral carpets with the central medallion, fine knotting and silk inserts.

Here are some examples of “classic carpets”:

  • Nain: Floral carpets with central medallion or with the tree of life shape, these manufactures are knotted in the homonym town and they are different from the other Persian artworks for the use of cold colours and white ice tonalities;
  • Isfahan: Precious and elegant manufactures;
  • Kirman: These rugs are extremely easy to be recognized due to the massive use of red, for the typical central and dominant medallion and for the floral frame. These artwork come from the south-east of Iran and for a long period they were considered the best manufactures knotted in this country. The carpets realized before the first world war sometimes have different decorations as trees and animals;
  • Kashan: Red and blue as dominant colours and the asymmetric knot are the main characteristics of the Kashan carpets which are handmade in the homonym town localized on the Silk Road;
  • Kum (or Qum): These carpets are plenty of details and extremely precious, they are realized and hand knotted in Kum, the iranian holy city;
  • Tabriz: These iranian manufactures are some of the most appreciated by collectors and experts.

Morandi Carpets includes all these rugs into the Persian collection and not in the classic one.


Classic Carpets and Rugs by Morandi Carpets

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Morandi Carpets in its classic collection includes the modern carpets with classic design, hand-spun wools and vegetable colours such as the Hyderabad, Peshawar, Agra and Zigler. A typical characteristic of these manufactures is the use of pastel light colours, for example beige, light blue and green water. The drawing is classic and delicate, extremely far from the more baroque manufactures.

  • The Hyderabad collection carpets are new manufactures whose characteristics are the result of the different cultures and traditions melting pot in this Pakistani city;
  • Peshawar rugs are recognized by traditional and classic decorations but also by the details accuracy. In this collection you can find rare and extremely high quality manufactures;
  • Agra carpets are Pakistani manufactures characterized by the Agra style drawing. The rugs in this collections were knotted with the ghiordes knot with hand-spun wools dyed with vegetables colours.
  • The Zigler collection manufactures were also knotted with the ghiordes symmetric techinique, using two weft threads in cotton, hand-spun wools and vegetable colours. They can be classified as modern Pakistani carpets.

The so called classic carpets are perfect to furnish elegant rooms because of their soft impact and harmonic beauty.

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