Carpets and Dimensions: The Perfect Size for Every Room

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DATE: 11 maggio, 2017

Every carpet, just like every person, has its own and unique personality and original characteristics. The style isn’t the only key to distinguish these piece of art, which can be divided into different categories for example by sizes. In fact there are small rugs, huge carpets and also particular dimension called Kelley, Zaronim, Jastik and many others. It’s not easy to find the perfect carpet’s size for every room, but It’s not impossible.

A general guideline to be followed could be to cover approximately 2/3 of the pavement with the carpet, but also other factors occur to be important such as every room purpose and its own size. It’s also fundamental to understand in which position every piece of furniture will be after the carpet’s placement in order to avoid mistakes. In fact a small rug could pass unnoticed while a big one in some cases could be risky.


How to Place a Carpet: Dining Room & Living Room


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It’s hard to identify strict rules for carpets sizes in the living room or in the dining room, but there’s a list of useful guidelines to be kept in mind in order to make the most accurate decision.

The living room measures and the furnishings in it are the two main things to be considered when you want to place a carpet. Huge carpets are recommended only for big salon while in other circumstances it’s better to go for a smaller one to be placed in front of the sofa in order to identify the perfect area for relax and conversation moments.

In the dining room the table is the protagonist and its dimensions influence the carpet sizes. In fact the best idea is to choose a carpet which occupies the whole space interested by the table and the chairs, also being careful with symmetries and shapes.

When the table and the sofa are in the same room it’s called open space and in this case you can follow different guidelines to place the carpet and choosing its measures. In every case it’s important to remember the 2/3 proportion and to avoid two big carpets.


Bedroom Carpet: The Perfect Size

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A carpet is both an artwork and a piece of furniture, it’s a holy and symbolic space that represent a culture or the artist’s vision. It’s important to understand its value and beauty but at the same time practical functions and comfort should be considered.

In the bedroom you can still apply the 2/3 rule with a relevant exception (the bed area shouldn’t be counted if the bed touches the pavement with its entire base).

Here are several options that can be useful to place the perfect carpet in the bedroom:

  • it can be put under the bed leaving him stick out from the sides
  • it can be placed in front of the bed
  • you can choose a small size bedside carpet, useful to avoid to touch with the feet the cold pavement
  • a carpet’s triptych in the bedroom is no more very common, but you can choose instead three different rugs to create harmony or beautiful contrasts.



If you’re still doubtful don’t hesitate to ask for advice to experts.


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