Fabio Morandi

Morandi tappeti

I am a carpets’ merchant , son of an art collector and importer of carpets and rugs.

Two shops, an online store  http://morandicarpets.com/. Italian, direct, sincere, simple, sober and with a refined taste.

Thanks to the determination and the taste of my mother, the creative talent and the intellectual curiosity of my father, in the late fifties Morandi Tappeti was born. The company was  first established in Castelvetro Piacentino and in Cattolica (during the summer), then also in the city of Crema with the instant success due to the quality and the expressive force of the proposed pieces, carpets both ancient and old and recent manufacture.

Talk about themselves is always difficult, it is likely to be self-conceited or clumsy.
I will then describe my work:

As an importer I follow the path of the new carpets since the countries of origin.
I collect antique carpets both in the United States and following the international auctions and other channels.
I follow the sale in my shops and I like to place the carpets in the client’s homes taking into account spaces, the taste of the customer, the cultural continuity with respect to the environment and furnishing and, where required, the guidelines of the most successful interior designers.
I manage the various types of intervention that run in my restoration workshop.
I describe the carpets published on the website and blog with free spirit: in addition to technical aspects, I describe the essence and, while remaining pragmatic and disenchanted reveal the passion for carpets burning in me.
It exploits the synergies that the carpet provides me with other spheres of culture and art by creating events or moments of encounter that can pleasantly involve my clients.


Exhibitions Organized:

Venezia e Kirman
Vecchia Turchia
I tappeti del Mahallat
Da Sarouk ad Arak
L’informale di Daniela Marchetti
Dal moderno al contemporaneo
Collezione Tibet


Exhibitions of antiques attended:

Cremonantiquaria dal 2000 al 2010

Bergamoantiquaria Textile Art Show 1à e 2à edizione del 2007 e 2008

Mercantein fiera  Parma dal 1990 al 2000,

Mostra internazionale di antiquariato Castello di belgioioso  edizioni del 1995 e 1996

Antiquariato Castello di Sartirana edizione del 1995

Antiquari in Villa Vaprio d’Adda Villa castelbarco edizione del 1996


In the next posts of this blog I will divide the articles into three main groups:

A) Carpets and Interior Design
B) Info about Carpets
C) Classification of Carpets

A) Carpets and Interior Design

a) How to position the carpets, the appropriate measures, colors
b) Carpets in the modern interior design
c) Carpets and furnishing in the ‘400 /’ 500 / ‘600 and’ 700 / ‘800 /
d) Carpets in the ethnic furnishing
e) Carpets in the rustic and rural furnishing
f) Carpet and modern art interior design

B) Info about Carpets

a) The washing of carpets
b) The cleaning (what to do what not to do)
c) The restoration
d) The colors and materials
e) Storing the carpets
f) The museum institutions
g) Myths

C) Classification of Carpets

a) Persian carpets (new old antique)
b) Turkish Anatolian carpets (new old antique)
c) Caucasian rugs (new old antique)
d) Turkmen carpets (new old antique)
e) Afghan and Pakistani carpets (new old antique)
f) Nepalese and Tibetan rugs (new old antique)
g) Indian and Chinese carpets (new old antique)
h) Western carpets (new old antique)

Every article can be commented, indeed I ask the cooperation of all to broaden and deepen each topic related to the carpets. I want not only the collectors but also and above all those who have doubts, questions, uncertainties or doubts about this complex world. Curiosity, the desire to know, which also stems from issues seemingly simple or trivial only stimulates my research, make the effort to communicate, interact, offers insight to me and to all carpets lovers.

Fabio Morandi


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