Morandi Carpets
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code: 4583
type: modern and contemporary carpets
collection: Himalayan Collection
origin: nepal
dimensions 170 x 257 cm
  5' 6" x 8' 5"



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In this case, the rug Tibetan incorporates the classic motifs of carpets called Mamluks or Damascus, or to say it as Erdman: "Cairene carpets" as Erdman believed to be produced in Cairo.
The design may seem hard but set is of great impact.
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category: modern and contemporary carpets
Proposals for designers, contemporary artists and modern "Ustad" masters in the knotting technique manual carpet, interpret modernity in strict observance of the ancient traditions

collection: Himalayan Collection
The collection includes the most beautiful modern designs floral designed in the last decade for the carpets in India at the foot of the most famous mountain range in the world. Thanks ull'utilizzo the famous Tibetan knot made with small bamboo canes and a density of 100 knots per sq. inch was possible to knot carpets with complex designs. A special color effect is given by the mix of wool and silk.


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